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dollars per share. "We had a great quarter, with revenue up 32 percent year on year for a record breaking over 9 billion dollars of revenue," Larry Page, CEO and co-founder of Go


ed to be released this month, but defense officials concluded that additional time was needed to address the range of issues under consideration in the report, said James Miller,.


f Koran by American soldiers, as angry protests ensuing are continuing in the South Asian nation. "It was the right thing to do to have our president on record as saying this was .


more than a quarter century in the country. Obama expects Solis and Main to report on their early assessment of the explosion's cause, safety record at the Upper Branch .


sane at the time of the shooting and should be found guilty. Teams of both prosecution and defense made lists of key items for why they thought Holmes was insane or not during th.

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Argentina." YPF is currently under the control of Spain's Repsol oil company and Argentina's Eskenazi family, but if the bill becomes law, 51 percent of the shares would go to Arge.

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nd irresponsible as they have adopted a wait-and-see attitude and retarded to respond. U.S. President Barack Obama said Tuesday he was still "actively considering" how to respond .

en Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The Nicaraguan delegation did not attend Thursday's meeting in protest of an OAS resolution on Nov. 12, which requested Nicaragua withdraw its troops .

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